Leaps and Bounds (pdf) - W32/Bounds, W64/Bounds, Virus Bulletin, December 2006, page 4-6
Chamber of Horrors (pdf) - W32/Chamb, Virus Bulletin, October 2006, page 6-7
Gatt Got Your Tongue? (pdf) - W32/Gatt, Virus Bulletin, September 2006, page 4-5
Tumours and Polips (pdf) - W32/Polip, Virus Bulletin, July 2006, page 4-8
Inside the Windows Meta File Format - technical feature (pdf), Virus Bulletin, February 2006, page 5-8
Not Worthy (pdf) - MSIL/Idonus, Virus Bulletin, February 2006, page 4
Inside the Microsoft Script Encoder (pdf) - technical feature, Virus Bulletin, January 2006, page 4-5

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