Look At That Escargot (pdf) - MSIL/Gastropod, Virus Bulletin, December 2004, page 4-5
Detecting Complex viruses - technical feature, Security Focus, December 2004
Let Them Eat Brioche (pdf) - MSIL/Impanate, Virus Bulletin, November 2004, page 6-7
To Catch Efish (pdf) - W32/Chiton (EfishNC), Virus Bulletin, October 2004, page 4-6 (joint article with Frédéric Perriot)
Mostly Harmless (pdf) - W32/Sasser, Virus Bulletin, August 2004, page 5-8 (joint article with Frédéric Perriot)
Cabirn Fever (pdf) - SymbOS/Cabir, Virus Bulletin, August 2004, page 4-5 (joint article with Péter Szőr)
64-bit Rugrats (pdf) - W64/Rugrat, Virus Bulletin, July 2004, page 4-6 (joint article with Péter Szőr)
The Beagle Has Landed (pdf) - W32/Beagle, Virus Bulletin website, June 2004
Chiba Witty Blues (pdf) - W32/Witty, Virus Bulletin, May 2004, page 9-10 (joint article with Frédéric Perriot and Péter Szőr)
The Wormpire Strikes Back (pdf) - W32/Welchia.B, Virus Bulletin, April 2004, page 4-7 (joint article with Frédéric Perriot)
How Dumaru? (pdf) - W32/Dumaru, Virus Bulletin, March 2004, page 4-9
Who? What? Where? Swen? (pdf) - W32/Swen, Virus Bulletin, January 2004, page 4-10

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