You've Got M(1**)a(D)i(L+K)l (pdf) - W32/Chiton (JunkMail), Virus Bulletin, November 2002, page 10-11
Attack of the Clones (pdf) - W32/Chiton (Gemini), Virus Bulletin, September 2002, page 4-5
Un combate con el Kerñado (pdf) - W32/Elkern, Virus Bulletin, August 2002, page 8-9
Raised Hacklez (pdf) - W32/Klez, Virus Bulletin, July 2002, page 8-11
Unexpected Resutls [sic] (pdf) - W32/Chiton (Shrug), Virus Bulletin, June 2002, page 4-5
Striking Similarities (pdf) - W32/Simile, Virus Bulletin, May 2002, page 4-6 (joint article with Frédéric Perriot and Péter Szőr)
Bad Transfer (pdf) - W32/Badtrans, Virus Bulletin, February 2002, page 8-10 (joint article with Péter Szőr)

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