Pentium/no floppy fix for Flight by Sunrise Industry (also works for Greetro)
Read-only media fix for TMDC 1-3 demos by tAAt
Pentium fix for Silence of the Labs by Natas
VGA fix for PanDEMOnium by Demaniacs
SoundBlaster fix for SX by Substance
SoundBlaster fix for Mental Surgery by Future Crew
GUS fix for Triangle by Trillian
IRQ0 fix for Circuit S3 by Analogue
keyboard fix for Symbology by Admire
Int 69h fix for Idleness by Ancient Pain
seglimit fix for Into the Shadows by Triton
GUS port fix for Religion by Xtacy
GUS IRQ fix for Fallen Angel by A-Men
Int 1 fix for Digital Dreams by Divine
PIC fix for Reve by Pulse
RDPMC fix for Uni by MFX
FUCOMI/FUCOMIP fix for Blub! II by Abyss
ää fix for Hive by Fascination
child PSP exit fix for Blasphemy by Fatal Justice
VESA mode fix for State 808 by Shock!
child PSP exit fix for 1st Demo II by Smash Designs PC
refresh fix for Joop 2 by INC
child PSP exit fix for Misguided by Haujobb
seglimit/IRQ0 fix for Dazzle by Warm Inside
child PSP exit fix for (E) by Zden, Moshe
child PSP exit fix for Dreamwar by Elfsong
child PSP exit fix for Why by Elfsong (must run with sound)
child PSP exit fix for Halo by Orca
command-line separator fix for Naomi by Finesse


DEP/MCI/cue fix for Lasse Rein Bøng 96 by Submissive
Buffer overflow fix for Fate by 7 Gods
UAC/buffer overflow/buffer underflow fix for Adelanto by Nostalgia
timer overflow/MIDAS DEP fix for 7d0 millenium by AND
Fragmented heap fix for Akkord by Bypass (seriously, sequential malloc() ~= sequential address!)
Illegal free fix for Bitwise by Array
Illegal free fix for Duracell by Array
Malformed WAV fix for Crystal Vision by Conspiracy
Unitialised variable fix for Ex Fabric (compatible version - bat version is not fixable) by Farbrausch
Crinkler DEP/Win7 fix for Candystall by Pittsburgh Stallers vs Loonies
Crinkler DEP/Win7 fix for Polystreptikum by Calodox
Crinkler DEP/Win7 fix for Kindernoiser by RGBA (party version)
Crinkler Win7 fix for Kindernoiser by RGBA (final version)
Crinkler DEP/Win7 fix for Stiletto by RGBA
Crinkler DEP/Win7 fix for Tracie by TBC
Crinkler Win7 fix for Ixaleno by RGBA
Crinkler DEP/Win7 fix for Andromedary by tAAT and XZM
Malformed waveform fix for Aesterozoa by Kewlers
DEP fix for Basics by Indigo
Win7 speech fix for Zoom3 by AND
Windows API/PCM fix for Micropolis by TBC and Mainloop
DEP fix for Black Mask by Bongo Productions
MIDAS DEP fix for Before by Confine
MIDAS DEP fix for Chanka of Time by Chanka


BIOS fix for Bruce Lee Lives
Mission fix for Tornado 1.0d
Pentium fix for Contra
Pentium fix for X-Men: Madness in Murderworld
Pentium fix for Wayne Gretzky Hockey II
Invalid opcode/int 20h/CD port fix for Championship Manager 2 (all versions, all languages)
80386+ fix for Flight Simulator
Seglimit fix for Greedy v1.05
Invalid opcode/int 20h/CD port fix for Orion Burger
SB IRQ fix for XenoBall
DPB fix for P6M
BIOS fix for FamiTap
File-rename fix for Metal and Lace: The Battle of the Robo Babes (Installer)
Save-disk image creator for Zyll (booter)
File-rename fix for Pirateer
Seglimit fix for Gambys (use core=normal)
Int 13h fix for Megametrópoli
Int 13h fix for Parchitoke
Int 13h fix for Rescate
Int 2eh fix for PC Liga
EMS frame fix for Airline Simulator 2
Intro skip fix for Colony (no title version)
Int 13h fix for Crazy Bomber
Mouse button count fix for Scenario
DMA port improper read fix for Shadowforce
Keyboard remapping/SFX fix for Fatman
IRQ masking fix for Antagony
Invalid opcode/int 20h/CD port fix for Championship Manager 2 Update Installer
Seglimit fix for Greedy v1.10
Sound card order fix for Prehistorik
cmov/page select fix for Helicave
Seglimit fix for Greedy v1.12

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