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Peter Ferrie
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Distinguished Engineer, Symantec Corporation
virus researcher, reverse-engineer and software preservationist

Wizard of Oz


July 21: Porting the Z1-Z5 interpreters to ProDOS (KansasFest 2018).
July 15: ProRWTS2 finally released.
November 10: Gimli permutation in 112 bytes.
August 30: From Diversi-DOS to Directi-DOS and the creation of 4LIVE (Oz KFest 2017).
July 23: Porting games from booter to ProDOS (KansasFest 2017).


If Uli had called it the Air Guitar, instead of the Sky Guitar, then it might have been more popular. :-)
Never see a movie which features your field of specialty. You'll find so many things that are wrong, you won't enjoy it.
Buffets are for when one (dish) is not enough and two is too many ($$$).
Your ability to guess the word that someone is mis-pronouncing, is inversely proportional to your fluency in that language.
Among the members of the Cervidae family, the 'S' deer is probably the most helpful, but the 'O' deer is probably the most famous.
If people in Holland spoke a dialect of Dutch, they could call it Hollandaise.
Why doesn't H like A? Because A be seedy E effigy.
If you fed a cereal grain to a member of Bovidae while it was dressed, from a bag in a shed on a water-vessel in a lake outside of a castle...'d have an oat in a goat in a coat in a tote in a cote in a boat in a moat.
The static-electric shock that you get early in the year - a May zing.
Attacking a string instrument is an act of violince.
Vowel MacDonald had a ewe. E I E I O.
All of the condiments were fighting, but only pepper was charged with a salt.
A group of joggers is a visible panty line.
My body mocks my attempts to get fit. I have very developed hecktorals.
Fruits fight mango à mango.
The Empire could use some deYodarant.


Peter Ferrie began working with computers in 1981.
In 1986, he began developing anti-virus software for Apple II PCs.
From 1992-1998, he worked for an Australian distributor of anti-virus software for IBM PCs, first McAfee Viruscan then Frisk F-Prot.
From 1998-2000, he worked for Frisk Software International in Iceland.
From 2000-2003, he worked for Symantec Corporation in Australia.
From 2003-2008, he worked for Symantec Corporation in the USA.
From 2008-2016, he worked for Microsoft Corporation in the USA.
In 2016, he rejoined Symantec Corporation.

Ferrie specialises in the analysis of Win32/Win64/Linux/script malware, reverse engineering code on multiple platforms, and development of (anti-)emulators, (anti-)unpackers, (anti-)debuggers, and anti-rootkit technologies.
He has been a speaker at various conferences. He is the most frequent contributor ever to the Virus Bulletin journal, supplying over 100 articles in 13 years.
He joined CARO (Computer Anti-virus Research Organisation) in 2001.
He received the Virus Bulletin 2010 award for greatest contribution to anti-malware in the last 10 years.


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Porting the Z1-Z5 interpreters to ProDOS (slides) - KansasFest, July 2018, Kansas City

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Crypto: AES-256, Bel-T, BLAKE2s, ChaCha, DES, Gimli permutation, Half SipHash, HC-256, Kuznyechik, Modular exponentiation, Poly1305, Rabbit, RC6, Salsa20, Serpent-256, SHA-3/Keccak, Twofish-256

Shellcode: x86/x64 Shellcode development

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painters: 007, Angel, Aster, Banish, Bizar, Chams, Custom, Droogie (gallery), Dys, Kagent, Kaine, Kerupt, KOS, Mister E, Orsam, RCF, Ree, Rize, Sink, TPee, Unique (Sinz, Spice)
Apple II: Colwyn, Home Hacker, Maz, Prototype (not the ex-virus writer on IBM PCs) (Bandits, Plasmania), Rebel, San Inc (Karateka side A, Karateka side B), Seroster, TCS, TTT


Painters: 50mm Los Angeles
Apple II: Asimov (ftp), HackZApple
Comics: 9 Chickweed Lane, Baby Blues, General Protection Fault, Liō, Sinfest, User Friendly, Fowl Language
Other: Oldskool, Old School ;-)

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